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Safaris, Food &  Walking Tours

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Openmind Travels is a Travel Management Company based in Kampala Uganda. Founded in 2017 by Harriet Sikyajula, the company exists to offer high quality personalised services, exciting travel experience while setting standards for professionalism, reliability, consistency and above all competitive prices. We specialise in Safari Tours and Kampala Walking Tours, especially Local Food Cooking Experiences and Educational Tours. We are registered and approved by the Ugandan Tourist Board to operate in Uganda.


Openmind Travels aims at providing high quality personalised services while setting standards for professionalism, reliability to our customers through consistent leadership and excellent commitment. At Openmind Travels we aim at becoming the biggest Travel Agency in Uganda and Africa at large.


To be recognised GLOBALLY as a reliable and professional East African Travel Agency.


Openmind Travels has a team of Committed, Reliable, Professional individuals ready to serve and help you in your travels. We will help you make the most of what you spend your money on by providing you with options that will help you make good choices throughout your travels.


Openmind Travels is committed to giving the best value, so we price competitively and fairly to give good value. Our prices advertised can be flexible depending on type of accommodation and numbers of a group booking a trip. Final price will be given on tour application.

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Cooking With Locals Experiences
Street Food Night/Day Kampala 
Student Educational Tours
Business Bonding Experiences
Tailor Made Tours
Walking Tours in Kampala

Welcome To Our World - Our Safaris

Herd of Giraffes
Local Food Tours

Come and join us and learn about local Uganda cooking. We offer a great experience by joining a local person who will guide you through the shopping for the ingredients at the local market, that you will need to cook an amazing local dish, and eat it. Food tours and cooking experiences HERE

More About Us

We are a local company, run by locals with 5 years experience in the tourism sector in Kampala. Since we started in 2017, Openmind Travels Holidays has grown to handle clients of both large and small groups. Our specialty is in arranging private tours for our clients.

Openmind Travels Holidays offers you the best holiday experience of East Africa and because we know Uganda and Rwanda as only a professional and knowledgeable native insider can.


Whatever your special needs are, you can leave all the planning to us in the comfortable knowledge that our team of professional experts will do everything possible to deliver to your exact specifications and more.

We cater for businesses, school trips, individual requirements, and we love to do the food experience tours in Kampala. We are proud of our culture and love to share and educate our guests. It is what drives us.

Openmind Travels Holidays will always place you at the centre of all our planning. It all starts with us listening very carefully to what you want. Not until we are absolutely sure that we have a good grasp of exactly what you need will we get to work. It is this that makes us different- using our expertise and excellent knowledge of Uganda and Rwanda to add value to the holiday choices that you make.

At Openmind Travels Holidays commits itself to finding for you, the lowest possible cost that will support the most pleasant itinerary consistent with your dream holiday of Africa. Whether you are on a shoestring budget or can afford the most elaborate and luxurious safari, whether your holiday costs thousands of dollars or just a few hundreds, we will go to great lengths to ensure that we offer the same superb service for which our company is well known.

We promise to work closely with you to ensure that you choose what is best for yourself rather than what is best for any particular holiday supplier and undertake to access on your behalf and pass to you, the best destination information and expert advice that will lead to real benefits.


Finally we undertake to put at your complete disposal our team of knowledgeable experts to scout for the best discounts available among suppliers to ensure your receive the very best value for money.

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